Hospitality and entertainment

INDUSTRY EXPERTS DAMM delivers feature-rich, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solutions to a wide range of hospitality and entertainment providers such as hotels, sports stadiums and shopping centres, who depend on a digital system with great coverage to manage all from security to service staff

Reliable communication for a successful business

Let's make this easy. Today's commercial and entertainment industry needs fail-safe connectivity to ensure efficient cooperation and customer safety.

Whether you need to communicate with catering or cooperate with VIP security services, you want a reliable radio communication system. DAMM combines decades of leadership with cutting-edge digital radio and broadband communications to create a simple, yet reliable solution that is easy to deploy and maintain.

Enhance cooperation and customer safety

An elderly man collapses. VIPs are attending your big event. In situations like these it's vital to have a fail-safe radio communication system in order to achieve uninterrupted communication with emergency and security services.

DAMM's decentralized system provides a secure and reliable communication platform combined with a simple and user-friendly interface to meet such challenges. Gain excellent coverage across the whole site and use the flexible grouping function to easily ensure all necessary communication channels.


DAMM offers three major ways to save: Plug-and-play design, lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs. DAMM TetraFlex® offers low CAPEX and OPEX by allowing you to better utilize people and resources while improving the reliability of service and levels of safety.

1. Plug-and-play design 

Plug-and-play means easy and seamless design and scaling of networks, which allows you to think big, start small and scale fast. Our flat decentralized IP architecture and intuitive software enable effortless, self-configuring site expansion. You can add or integrate all network components, including base stations, dispatchers, network management facilities and external gateways at any time, even while the system is in operation.

2. Lower operating costs

DAMM offers plug-and-play simplicity for easy setup and fast deployment. The compact design of the DAMM outdoor base station enables direct mounting on antenna masts, buildings and towers, reducing feeder loss and installation costs considerably. Both the indoor and outdoor base stations offer extremely low power consumption, and thanks to the IP65 encapsulation, the outdoor base station doesn't need any external air-conditioned housing. DAMM TetraFlex is developed with flexibility and user-friendliness at the core, saving substantially on training and project costs.

3. Lower maintenance costs

DAMM’s rugged base stations also keep maintenance costs down. Even for operations in extreme ‑50°C to +50°C temperatures, our base stations keep on working. Thanks to the low power consumption our base stations also generate minimal heat, and together with the IP65 encapsulation this eliminates the need for cooling fans that require maintenance. Furthermore, redundancy means that maintenance can be done without shutting down operations, enabling you to respond immediately and efficiently in a crisis situation.

Whether you organize single, large events or run a resort with year-round activity, you can rely on DAMM for the easy deployment of reliable radio communication. With a communication solution from DAMM you can easily establish a fully integrated communication platform for everyone involved in running the event and achieve a unique integration between public safety and commercialized activities.

DAMM networks keep everyone in sync. The decentralized DAMM design integrates TEDS, TETRA, DMR and analog into one platform. DAMM’s built-in applications and compatibility with third-party equipment also make it easy to adopt new apps and integrate with other systems. The truly decentralized architecture lets you use any radio terminal or TETRA over LTE/WiFi, giving you a high level of flexibility.

The DAMM platform has a user-friendly interface and supports group calls and data messages to alert everyone with a need to know like first responders, ambulance or police services.

Four technologies truly core-connected in one powerful platform – without any gateways or bridges. Our MultiTech Platform solution unites TEDS, TETRA, DMR and analog into one platform – making it possible to get more channels without extra hardware.

Having only one hardware and one software simplifies tasks such as training. Having only one software also means having just one subscriber register for ALL technologies, saving you time and hassle.

DAMM solutions are built to be resilient. Take our outdoor base stations. These IP65-protected solutions are field-proven to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature ranges without fail.

DAMM TETRA-based systems have no single point of failure thanks to full redundancy throughout the network. This important feature ensures continuous service availability. Even after years of service, it will never let you down in cases of emergency. Even if one base station goes down, your operations retain full coverage.

Products for Hospitality and entertainment

Choose the right infrastructure, applications, gateways and radios for your communication system
MultiTech 基地台 – 戶外型

BS422 | MultiTech 通訊系統 - 戶外型可安裝於天線杆的戶外型基地台,支援多通訊技術、多頻率、多載波,具備同頻共播功能。

TETRA 基地台 – 戶外型

BS421 | 可安裝於天線杆,是具 IP65 防水規格的小型 TETRA 通訊系統。強大的基地台收發器和分散式控制器,適合安裝在戶外或室內。

TETRA 基地台 – 室內型

BS418 | 高容量室內型 TETRA 基地台收發器和分散式控制器,最多可達 16 個載波。具有高功率選項,可在天線端提供 25W 的輸出功率。

攜帶式基地台 RDT

可快速部署的 TETRA 系統,於輪式行李箱內配備基地台收發器和分散式控制器,非常適合作為災難期間的通訊系統。


DAMM TetraFlex Dispatcher 調度派遣台提供的功能在需要指揮、控制、監控無線電通訊的情況下,可以提高組織管理整組團隊用戶的效率。


DAMM TetraFlex 網路管理系統提供了一種易於操作且高度靈活的工具,用於管理、監督和優化由 DAMM 單通訊技術和/或多通訊技術產品組成的 DAMM TetraFlex 網路。


DAMM TetraFlex 語音數據記錄系統提供立即、全面、準確的語音數據錄製功能,還有各種記錄功能可用於呼叫數據記錄 (CDR)。


DAMM TetraFlex 加強型橋接閘道器是一個全面的網路互連工具,可以用作系統間接口 (ISI)。它允許與外部系統互通或將終端裝置從外部系統轉移到 DAMM 系統,反之亦然。


世界上首款 VHF TETRA 無線電裝置使您受益於 VHF 所能覆蓋的更廣範圍,從而減少了所需的基地台數量

DAMM TetraFlex PTT 即按即說應用程式

DAMM TetraFlex PTT 即按即說應用程式用於智慧型手機,透過 LTE 或 WiFi 網路在 TETRA、DMR 和類比通訊之間進行安全的核心業務通訊。


DAMM 的緊急通訊系統設計包括基礎設施、應用程式、閘道裝置與無線電裝置。易於擴充的特性明顯降低運轉成本和總體持有成本。

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