About TEDS

TETRA Enhanced Data Services

TEDS (TETRA Release 2) is a TETRA high speed data service using different RF channel bandwidths and data rates for flexible use of PMR frequency bands. It is a wideband data solution which enhances TETRA with a much higher capacity and throughput for data.

TEDS is fully compatibility with TETRA Release 1 and allows for ease of migration. Adaptive selection of modulation schemes, RF channel bandwidths and coding according to propagation conditions make user bit rates in the region of 10 to 500kbit/s possible.

Mission-critical wideband data:

  • Powerful security features known from TETRA
  • High spectral efficiency, reusing TETRA carriers

Applications include:

  • Live video/images
  • Workflow automation

These features enable transfer of large amounts of data such as video, maps and pictures without delay. This is hugely important for e.g. emergency services, who can live stream from emergency sites to the control room to get assistance in complicated cases. And vice versa: Control room personnel will be able to send drawings of buildings directly to emergency workers.

To learn more about TEDS, visit the TCCA website.

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