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03 July 2019

DAMM TEDS – delivering mission-critical data and video when it counts

TETRA is well-established as a technology that supports not only voice calls but also transfer of packet data and pictures. It does so with the reliability and security that is characteristic of TETRA, but does have limited data throughput, making it fall short when it comes to transfer of video and large amounts of data. In comparison, the LTE technology has the data capacity to support large amounts of data and video. However, a truly mission-critical standard has yet to be fully developed.

To deliver this "mission criticalness" for data and video while retaining the high security and reliability, the TETRA standard was expanded to include TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS). TEDS has a much higher data throughput enabling more detailed pictures and documents as well as live streaming.

Benefits of a TETRA/TEDS solution

Both TETRA and TEDS (part of TETRA II) deliver truly mission-critical communication. Data transmitted via TETRA are secure, available, accessible and fully controllable with a guaranteed service. Furthermore, TETRA supports all of the advanced group communication functionalities required by mission-critical operators. For TETRA users and manufacturers alike, it is therefore logical to try to get the maximum out of this communication technology.

This includes deploying the mission-critical TEDS solution with an increased wideband bandwidth, which enables support of applications and functions that have otherwise required broadband. Not only can it support such applications, it can also do so with the added “mission criticalness”, which is lacking in broadband and public LTE.

Such a TEDS solution could even take the shape of an integrated modem, which does not require an external PC or other device. For instance, Germany-based Piciorgros has developed a TEDS modem which connects directly to the communication network through a built-in Ethernet connection and can thus transmit data and video directly without an intermediary device.

Use-case scenarios

TEDS is the ideal choice of technology in a range of different industries and scenarios such as public safety, emergency services, power grids, utilities, wastewater treatment plants and rail.

Download our TEDS concept paper to get more detailed knowledge about the benefits of a TEDS solution and the scenarios for which it is suited.

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