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14 May 2018

Communication system design with a core-connected platform

Discover the benefits of the core-connected DAMM MultiTech Platform

Planning a new system or upgrading your current critical communication system can be challenging.
Based on our experience in mission-critical communication, we provide an overview of the process and things to consider when creating a new communication system design.

DAMM mission-critical solutions are field-proven to achieve low total cost of ownership via scalable CAPEX and lifetime OPEX savings.

From planning and design to expansion, DAMM keeps on making life easier by eliminating unplanned downtime and lowering the cost of maintenance, repairs and operations. When planning your communication system design we take you through the steps of:

• Planning and design
• Installation and implementation
• Daily operations and maintenance

Three things to consider when considering a new communication system design

• Stay scalable in capacity and coverage
• Fast and easy integration of third party products
• Avoid single-vendor contracts

Planning your communication system design

With multiple technologies core connected in one platform, planning a network, capacity and coverage and site requirements becomes far less complicated. No matter which technology or combination of technologies you choose to run, you only need to make planning and design decisions for one single platform. This also means that you can seamlessly integrate one application for all technologies.

Installation and implementation of your communication system

The one-box solution also reduces the time spent on installation – one box means one drawing, less wiring, one connection technology, one set of tools etc. Once installed, implementing and running the system is equally economical as all technologies are controlled through one network management tool. Last but not least, employees only need to know how to control one system, even if you are running up to four different technologies.

Daily operations and maintenance

Operational efficiency runs like a thread through all of DAMM’s products, with the extremely low power consumption of our base stations being one of our trademarks. With the MultiTech Platform we are now bringing operational efficiency to a new level. In a hybrid network you have access to all data in one system regardless of technologies – from alarm monitoring and tracking to network planning and surveillance.

DAMM’s Voice and Data Log System tracks, replays and saves incident reports, and you get the traceability you need with full data availability and uniform time stamps.

Maintenance can be expensive when you’re running different systems as you need to have experts on board for all systems. However, with a multi-technology one-box solution you only need one common subscriber register, one software and one interface. Together with the cost-efficient features known from DAMM’s other base stations – full redundancy, rugged outdoor design and easy maintenance – this makes DAMM’s MultiTech Platform an extremely competitive solution.

Stay in control with a communication system design from DAMM

DAMM can help you save costs and assist you on your journey to operational excellence. You want complete control of your critical communications platform – on your terms, your schedule and managed by your employees. One platform delivers it all. Step up to DAMM MultiTech, the world’s most advanced critical radio communications network.

Download our white paper to find out more about the benefits of a core-connected system!


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