Vitória Brazil – migration to TETRA in challenging topography

CASE: Vitória City, Brazil – Migration to TETRA

100% coverage in challenging topography with DAMM decentralized architecture


To migrate from ananlogue to digital, and provide full coverage for critical communication in a challenging topgraphy with mountains and harsh coastal surroundings.

Compact, IP65 encapsulated DAMM TetraFlex® Outdoor Base Stations for fast installation – and decentralized architecture for easy system design.

Secure TETRA communication system providing total control of radio operations and vehicles that allow agents of Municipal Guard to offer an excellent service to the population of Vitória.


Vitória is a city in Brazil, in the metropolis of Espirito Santo State. Situated in the southeast of country, meeting Serra city on the northern side, Vila Velha city to the south, the Atlantic ocean to east and and the Cariacica city to the west.

40% of the territory is covered by mountains and the countryside is characterised by plains and hills, including the Pico da Bandeira, the third highest mountain in Brazil, rising 2,890 meters above sea level. Vitória is the smallest metropolis in Brazil, with its approximately 98 km².

In this scenario with a rugged terrain and harsh coastal environment, the challenge was to find the ideal solution on how to provide communication throughout the city. Since mid 2011 the city of Vitória, had an analogue radiocommunication system used by the City Guard Department for surveillance operations, traffic organization and in the Department of Health.

ALCON Engenharia de Sistemas was contracted to design and implement a digital trunked radiocommunication system, using the proven and standardised TETRA technology, widely used in Europe for mission critical communication. Considering the topographic challenges, a system was created meet the communication  needs:

• 11 TetraFlex® BS421 Outdoor Base Stations
• 11 Antennas with high performance and coverage
• 24 microwave for interconnection of Base Stations
• 1 Voice Recording System
• 4 Dispatching system, including touchscreen and GPS (man-down) functionality
• 1 GPS system for all radios
• 574 portable radios
• 46 mobile radios installed in vehicles and ambulances
• 8 fixed control room radios
• 1 fleet management system
• 1 monitoring system online fault detector

Today ALCON manages and leases the reliable and secure TETRA system to users of the Municipal Guard of Vitória. The system includes 11 Outdoor Base Stations operating at 380 MHz, and includes mobile and portable terminals equipped with GPS. 

• Prediction studies
• Consulting & Commissioning of the best solution
• Remote monitoring
• Network management
• Operational training
• Training for basic and advanced management

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