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Here we have collected a selection of questions often asked about DAMM sales and technologies

DAMM has an exclusive network of System Partners covering the globe. By sending your request to DAMM via our Find a DAMM Partner tool, a DAMM sales executive will be able to guide you through the process and facilitate a contact to the right partner in your region/country.

By getting in contact with DAMM’s sales department and reaching out to the right Sales Executive. After the initial dialogue a process of commercial, technical and strategic evaluation will take place with technical, commercial and financial criteria to be fulfilled. This evaluation will also include looking at the company's experience with PMR radio system solutions, IT/IP, project and solution sales and support, system integration and application know-how.

Contact DAMM’s sales department for further information.

We are represented across the globe via our premium network of System Partners. Apart from our headquarters in Denmark, DAMM is also directly established in selected regions such as the US, Latin America and Asia.

Click here for more information.

DAMM provides an open-standard technology that can be integrated into numerous applications, environments and industries. The main industries serviced by DAMM are:

• Airport
• Rail
• Utilities
• Operators
• Public safety
• Manufacturing
• Mining
• Oil and gas
• Hospitality and entertainment

DAMM is strategically focused on providing smart end-to-end solutions for especially the transportation and utilities industries.

DAMM has traditionally supported TETRA through the TetraFlex® solution used in our indoor and outdoor base stations as well as our Rapid Deployable TetraFlex and Field Mobile TetraFlex base stations.

However, with the DAMM MultiTech Platform we have created a cutting-edge solution, which combines four technologies in one platform:

• DMR Tier 3
• Analog

Please browse through our product pages to read more about specific products.

When comparing TETRA to DMR, TETRA has a number of clear advantages and is the preferred choice as soon as one of the following requirements exists:

  • Security
  • Interoperability
  • Scalability
  • Broadband
  • Data throughput
  • Applications
  • Capacity growth (sites, terminals, carriers)
  • Extended feature set (e.g. full duplex call)
  • Efficiency
  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Redundancy

DAMM has conducted TETRA IOP with big radio vendors and maintains these certifications yearly. Contact us for more information about specific brands.

Mission-critical communication is a term used to describe the communication networks used in critical situations where lives are at stake, i.e. networks that are specifically designed to ensure reliable and secure voice and data communications during emergencies and other critical situations.

The term is also applied to business-critical communications, which is needed to ensure worker safety or business operations and secure maximum uptime in the case of unforeseen events.

For DAMM this means providing a feature-rich, stable, reliable and open-standard-based PMR technology (infrastructure) that can ensure any public-safety organization or business a smart and seamless connectivity of devices, applications, sub-systems and third-party communication networks.

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