DAMM product portfolio includes infrastructure applications and radios


Mission-critical communication systems – infrastructure, applications, gateways and radios

Choose a core-connected infrastructure with the DAMM MultiTech Platform, which offers TEDS, TETRA, DMR and Analog in one system. Or choose a product from the DAMM TETRA portfolio, which includes the compact, rugged, mast-mountable Outdoor Base Station and the efficient Indoor Base Station. We also offer a portable base station (RDT), which is ideal as a disaster communication system. The Field Mobile base station is a packaged unit, which can be mounted on a vehicle and is ideal for first-responder emergencies. 

All products and applications are fully compatible and can be used in any combination in one network. 


Small product photo of the BS422 DAMM MultiTech Communication System – Outdoor
MultiTech Base Station – Outdoor

BS422 | MultiTech Communication System – Outdoor Mast-mountable outdoor base station featuring Multi-Technology, Multi-Frequency, Multi-Carrier and F…

Small product photo of the BS418 DAMM TETRA indoor base station
TETRA Base Station – Indoor

BS418 | A high-capacity indoor TETRA base station transceiver and distributed controller with up to 16 carriers. High power option available offering…

Applications and gateways

Manage your fleet with built-in software. Integrate third-party applications using gateways and open API

Preview image - DAMM dispatch solutions
Applications and gateways
Dispatch solutions

The DAMM TetraFlex Dispatcher provides features for increased efficiency in organizations managing a fleet of subscribers with the needs of command, c…

Preview of DAMM Network management solutions
Applications and gateways
Network Management solutions

DAMM TetraFlex Network Management provides a user-friendly and highly flexible tool for management, supervision and optimization of the DAMM TetraFlex…

Preview - DAMM Log management system
Applications and gateways
Voice and Data Log System

The DAMM TetraFlex Voice and Data Log System instantly provides comprehensive and accurate voice and data recording facilities as well as a wide range…

Preview - DAMM Group Bridge
Applications and gateways
Group Bridge

Bridging is commonly used for interconnecting two non-compatible networks - typically networks of different technologies or from various providers, en…

Applications and gateways
Critical communications across network borders

ISI enables connection between independently owned and operated TETRA networks and is typically used when operating in an area that is at the border o…

Applications and gateways
Ground control

GroundControl VGRS is a complete fleet management solution for unit and vehicle tracking, geofencing and reporting that can be used along with the DAM…

Apps and radios

Utilize LTE or Wi-Fi with DAMM TetraFlex PTT for your smartphone. DAMM offers TETRA and DMR radios through Partnerships and Alliances

Apps and radios

DAMM PTT is a smartphone application for secure business-critical communication across TETRA, DMR and analog technologies – utilizing LTE or Wi-Fi.

DAMM works with different vendors for radios
Apps and radios
Third-party radios

DAMM works with leading radio providers to deliver a solution that fulfils your requirements.

Systems and solutions

DAMM'S mission-critical communication systems design includes infrastructure, applications, gateways and radios. Strong partnerships worldwide secure a solution customized to meet your needs at any time. As an independent TETRA system infrastructure provider, DAMM has developed TetraFlex® for full interoperability (IOP) with all TETRA radios, allowing you to freely choose and combine any of your favourite radio brands.

Small illustration of the DAMM system design
Systems and solutions
System design

DAMM's mission-critical communication systems design includes infrastructure, applications, gateways and radios. The easy scalability significantly re…

VHF TETRA solution for extended coverage
Systems and solutions
VHF TETRA Solution

Extend coverage in wide, rural areas or extensive underground environments and improve staff safety and operational efficiency

Systems and solutions
DAMM Frequency Sharing

DAMM Frequency Sharing with the DAMM MultiTech Outdoor Base Station BS422 provides a simplified, future-proof and cost-efficient solution for achievin…

Preview - DAMM dynamic subscriber assignement
Systems and solutions
Dynamic Subscriber Assignment

Dynamic Subscriber Assignment is an intelligent feature that facilitates quick and easy system setups or migration of terminals from one infrastructur…

Think big, start small and scale fast
Decentralized architecture

Companies with a successful critical communications radio platform think in terms of total life-cycle costs and economics. With DAMM TetraFlex solutions you can achieve the lowest possible cost of ownership, in CAPEX as well as OPEX. Based on a decentralized architecture, DAMM offers a communication system that frees you to scale up, scale down and move around – at the speed you need.

Decentralized architecture
Graphic illustration of DAMM decentralized architecture with an IP backbone
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