Alarm Controls

ZONITH ACS is a Windows-based software application that intelligently and automatically dispatches emergency and business critical alarms to TETRA radios - an essential alarm control system for monitoring worker safety.

Zonith Alarm control system

Key benefits
Keeping workers safe at all times is a fundamental challenge for every organisation but especially those operating in mission-critical environments. ZONITH ACS allows people to remotely acknowledge, decline and close alarms using TETRA radios.

Instant Awareness
ACS instantly notifies workers about critical safety or technical alarms, allowing them to take immediate action to reduce their risk and minimise operational down time.

Improved Efficiency
With ACS, your workforce can receive, read and manage alarms or tasks while on the move without needing to return to the control room or alarm panel.

Cost Effective
Workers no longer need to carry separate devices to receive alarm messages. By combining voice and messaging in one device, legacy systems can be removed for lower operational costs.

Key Features

  • Instant notification about critical alarms
  • Receive, read and manage alarms or tasks on the go
  • Automatically selects responders based on their availability, location and skill set
  • Fully automated to improve the way people work and manage their time
  • Automatically escalates alarm messages until a positive response is returned alarms are initially sent to primary responders and then to back-up responders until action is taken
  • Dispatches alarm messages to digital radios, mobile phones, paging devices or e-mail clients

System Requirements

The ZONITH ACS is entirely Windows-based and requires a Windows PC, TETRA radio, data cable and alarm systems interface
Radio Requirements of the ZONITH Alarm Control System – applicable for all TETRA two-way radios

Founded in 2000 by a group of Nokia Engineers, Zonith A/S develops software that makes life easier for professionals who have to deal with alarms. We specialize in alarm handling and notification solutions, solving tasks at all levels of complexity, ranging from simple notification solutions to large alarm handling systems. Zonith provides value added software applications that maximise the benefits of TETRA to improve safety, security and situational awareness of public and private sector employees. 

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