SemPAM Management System

Establish a management system, which provides centralized as well as distributed support for multiple sites at the same time. Provide effective coordination between vessels and other marine assets, helicopters, site vehicles and personnel, across all sites – both onshore and offshore.

SemPAM - People and Asset Management

SemPAM Solution product suite:

SemPAM - SITE Situation 
SITE Situation provides an easy way to maintain an overview of what is happening at multiple sites via surveillance, coordination, tracking and controlling of personnel, vessels, vehicles and aviation assets.

SemPAM - SITE Planning
SITE Planning registers basic information about both marine and aviation assets.
It also ensures effective planning of personnel transfers. This provides a reliable foundation for registering the location of people, vessels and vehicles working at and around sites, whether onshore or offshore.

SemPAM - SITE Terminal
SITE Terminal is specially designed for use on board crew transfer vessels, aircraft or vehicles operating in demanding environments. The user interface is specially adapted for the harsh environments often encountered by those working at sea.

SemPAM - SITE Mobile
This application for mobile use is designed for the individual technician out in the field. It enables the user to be an integral part of the SITE solution, requesting access to assets and with rapid, effective connections to the control center as well as other personnel on site.

SemPAM - SITE Communication
The SITE software suite is a fieldproven solution specially designed and configured to perform under
extreme conditions, and even when communication links are poor.
SITE Communication is implemented via any appropriate data networks available on site, including radios, TETRA, DMR SATCOM and other similar devices and technologies.

SemPAM - Dispatcher
To ensure safe operation without any injuries, offshore voice communication between the personnel offshore and operations centres is vital.

SemPAM – Tracking 
To support the SITE software suite Semco Maritime offers a tracking solution as part of SemPAM. The standard SemPAM solution topology is based on RFID topology for tracking and identification of individuals.

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