Many airports around the world, from the airports of Rotterdam and Brussels in Europe, to the King Khalid Int. Airport in Riyadh, rely on a Kolibri solution for their critical communications.

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Case: King Khalid International Airport

King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) is the main airport of Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one of the largest airports of the region. The customer requested a secure and reliable communication network with a control room solution that could control communicated with TETRA radios, analogue radios and telephony, including SMS functionality. The airport has several main control rooms and multiple single dispatchers that are dispersed over the airport. These must all be IP connected. Redundancy is one of the most important items of the solution they sought, especially in the case of a failure in the IP network.

Together with our local partner, Kolibri designed a solution with interfaces to the DAMM® TetraFlex® system, an analogue radio network and the telephone network. As redundancy is important, redundant servers are backed with local fallback functionality. The extensive redundancy requirement is implemented in such way that in the event of loss of IP connectivity, all consoles can continue to operate with limited capabilities. The Kolibri control room solution features custom MMIs that incorporates TETRA radios, analogue radios, telephony with the possibility to send SMS messages and tracking capability.

Kolibri system configuration:

  • Redundant servers and server components on each console for extra redundancy
  • Several Kolibri Consoles in the main control room (referred to as “Master Consoles”)
  • >30 Kolibri dispatch consoles on different locations
  • Gateways and interfaces:
    • TETRA radio network (IP wired for voice and data)
    • Analog radio network (IP wired connection)
    • Telephony (through SIP interface)
    • GSM 3rd party device for enabling sending/receiving SMS
    • Radio direct connect to consoles for extensive redundancy
  • Custom MMIs with radio dispatching, tracking, telephony and SDS and SMS messaging options
  • Kolibri Logging System

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Kolibri Systems is a software developer devoted to control room applications such as dispatch and tracking. A responsive company, based in Delft, the Netherlands, next to Delft University of Technology, we excel in working with our customers to build a customized control environment that meets their specific needs. As a subsidiary of Cuperus Consultants, Kolibri Systems can benefit from 25 years of experience in Control Room applications and software development. We designed some of the key Mission Critical applications that are currently in use at the Public Safety Control Rooms across the Netherlands for Police, Fire brigades and Emergency services.

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