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innovaphone AG was founded in 1997 and has been playing a decisive role in the development of IP telephony ever since. All products come from the innovaphone development department in Sindelfingen, southern Germany.

Continuous product development in close dialogue with our customers and partners allows us to offer a complete Unified Communications solution under the name „innovaphone PBX“. Our product is suitable for business of any size and perfect for any requirement profile. The operating system developed in-house specifically for the requirements of the real time communication is used in all innovaphone products and is an important factor contributing to the security, stability and flexibility of innovaphone solutions. The innovaphone product range is available exclusively through authorised distributors and resellers.

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The innovaphone PBX is an appealing system with its wide range of functionalities, hardware platforms, end devices and software solutions, which can be customised on modular basis. The VoIP gateways provide the basis for the entire innovaphone PBX and fulfill several functions. As pure gateways, they provide the existing ISDN or analogue ports for the entire network.

Every workstation on the innovaphone PBX can be transformed into a flexible, fully-equipped Unified Communications workstation as needed without a server. The innovaphone PBX has a unique location concept, which ensures maximum availability and security while distributing costs and load optimally. It can be divided over any number of sites.

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The management team is made up of the innovaphone AG shareholders. This shareholder structure has had and indeed still has a lasting effect in establishing the internationally oriented company as a reliable partner in the European IP telephony and Unified Communications market. The entire product range is developed and tested in Germany . This process is driven by an innovative development department, which significantly shaped the technological progress and is aware of its environmental responsibilities (Green IT). innovaphone’s roots lie in German small and medium-sized business – the products, such as IP phones, VoIP gateways, analogue adapters etc. are being used across Europe. Entrepreneurial spirit and development work are characterised by the emphasis placed on the guiding concepts of achieving long-term value, producing durable products and reliability. Our head office is located in the city of Sindelfingen, an area of Germany renowned for its engineering companies. Further company locations in Germany include Berlin, Hanover and Hagen. We also have offices in Vienna and Verona. Our products are available exclusively through authorised distributors and resellers in Germany and Europe. A well developed partner concept with a multi-level training programme ensures competent contact persons are available to our customers across Europe.

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