IHM Offshore Communication Solution

The concept behind the IHM Offshore Communication Solution is to control and coordinate radio communications on the individual oilrig and wind farms from a central onshore control room. Consequently, each group of operators in the land-based control room is responsible for groups of oilrigs / wind turbines. 

The IHM Offshore Communication Solution enables noticeable operational savings and reduction of safety risks.

  • Benefits
  • Effective communication – even in high-pressure situations
  • Economies of scale
  • Operational savings
  • Greater safety for staff 
  • Full operational reliability – backup/redundancy for the entire system


IHM Offshore Communication Solution


Both the onshore and the offshore control rooms feature IHM state-of-the-art functionalities and one-panel control. Operators can communicate across a variety of communication platforms and radio technologies (ground-to-air, maritime, land mobile) using one control panel.

In principle, the onshore control room controls all communication on the individual rigs connected to the system, including loudspeaker announcements (PAGA), satellite, and maritime communication.

Communication is handled in the same way and via the same type of control panel whether the operators are in the onshore control centre or on an oil rig. One operating panel integrates all radio technologies and platforms, and the user interface is designed to give operators an overview, enabling them to control communication simply and intuitively.
Each offshore control room is designed to be a stand-alone system. This ensures that communications on the oilrig are automatically taken over locally, if the IP connection to the onshore control room fails.

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IHM supplies complete bespoke communication systems to hot spots all over the world.  The system development is based on 35 years’ experience of control and communication solutions in industries where effective communication makes an essential difference.

We develop and install the entire solution and take responsibility for hardware, software, comprehensive 24/7 service, product guarantee and support.

Our core competencies lies in

  • Interfaces to a various range of radios and radio technologies
  • One display for control of all communication
  • Flexible and scalable communication systems - customised and PLUG ‘N’ PLAY standard solutions
  • Remote control

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