TetraFlex Radio Asset Manager (TF-RAM)

TetraFlex® RAM allows a fleet of TETRA Terminals to be used as shared resource by dynamically assigning the terminal to individual users. Thus saving money by lowering the amount of radios a business would need to keep in their fleet.

GMG TetraFlex Radio Asset Manager

How does it work?

Radio users are assigned a dedicated “user number” this user number also becomes the TETRA phone number, a unique number depicting that user. Monitoring who is talking or contacting this individual user becomes easy, particularly during critical or emergency calls.

A user can then pick any TETRA terminal associated with the TETRA system, enter their unique “user number” either by keypad or barcode scan, after which, their individual user and profile settings are automatically configured in the system database.

Back End Applications (BEA’S) and aliasing protocols allow radio users to perform the following tasks:
1. Log In: This has the effect, if successful of associating the terminal with the user.
2. Log Out: This has the effect, if successful of disassociating the terminal with the user currently associated with it.
3. DGNA, the successful login can associate the user with a predefined talkgroup list. This talkgroup list can be dynamically allocated to the users terminal.

The reassignment of terminal to the user is indicated by the user number and user name reference appearing or removed from the terminal screen accordingly. The reassignment of a terminal will also apply a specific name and user profile in the TetraFlex subscriber database.

Management can now remotely assign specific profiles to radio user terminals without the need to reprogram the radio or request the terminal be returned to base.

These Profiles changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Access list of talkgroups
  • Access list of sites (geographic)
  • Access to make or receive individual call services
  • Access to make or receive telephone call services
  • Access to SDS messaging services
  • Priority level controls: Low, Medium, High, Pre-emptive
  • Access to Packet Data services
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