TetraFlex® Message Player

TetraFlex® Message Player allows companies to play multiple wave file across the TETRA network, all activated from their TETRA terminals or Dispatch console.

GMG TetraFlex Message Player

How does it work?

The TetraFlex® Message Player is commonly used to provide an audible blast alarms and specific area accessibility notifications on mine sites for example - however this application can be utilised where audio messages are essential and repeatedly required.

With the simple press of a button or code entry on their TETRA terminal or from a Dispatch console, authorised users can activate and deactivate audio file via a simple status message. TetraFlex® will recognise this status code and then play the configured wave file audio across configured talkgroups on site.

A user customised text message can also accompany the alarm to provide detailed information such as alarm status, location, critical procedure, muster points etc. Radio users can still talk normally on their designated user group – however, they will hear the audio file intermittently in the background.

  • Configurable alias presentation number per message
  • Talkgroup SSI, and call priority selection per message
  • Normal and Broadcast call type selection per message
  • Choice of wave file selection and length per message
  • Adjustable number of repeat cycles and inter-cycle pause time for wave file transmission per message
  • Concurrent message support for playing wave files can be played over multiple talkgroups
  • Wave file can be recorded voice messages or alarm sounds e.g. sirens
  • Configurable initiation order selection for wave file, text and status messaging
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