Certified Train Radio System TRS2090

ErvoCom's Cab Radio TRS2090 is a digital train radio system (based on TETRA, Analog/DMR or LTE [MCX]) and sets a new standard in the modern railway communications industry.


The Train Radio System TRS2090 is a rolling stock system component of TETRA networks that is able to provide voice and messaging communication from/to the train driver, voice announcements to the passengers via public address systems as well as transparent data interconnection between core system components and on-board units (OBU) for data applications. The system is available in different technologies, such as TETRA, Analog/DMR or LTE (MCX) and can be configured as a multimode system. Besides the usual important GSM-R typical functionalities the train radio system often contains other individual customer specific railway applications and functionalities as well as highly customized menu structures for the daily operational business, which are subject to detailed technical specification between ErvoCom and the client prior to a project rollout. This is efficiently possible thanks to the modular system concept of TRS2090. Additionally, to the standard functionalities, like voice communication, the TRS2090 provides further railway specific features, e.g. emergency call, call preemption according to priorities, passenger announcements into the train, text messaging (SDS), functional registration, train running number-based calls and more.

The Cab Radio from ErvoCom is certified by an Accreditation Body according EN ISO/IEC17025:2005-08 according the European standards EN50155 and EN45545-2 and is worldwide known as a very reliable, rugged and innovative system. The Swiss company has equipped plenty of well-known railways and metros all over the world, such as SBB, Amtrak, metro Barcelona, metro Mexico City or Qatar Railways.

ErvoCom is a market leader in the fields of railway communication and critical communication and stands for highest innovation and quality. The company’s market specific product range covers innovative cab radio and dispatch solutions in different technologies such as Tetra, Analog/DMR or LTE (MCX).

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