TETRA Logbook Service, bidirectional communication interface

Generating SNMP messages on basis of DAMM TetraFlex OM-commands. Automatic querying of SNMP enabled network devices and additional digital inputs. Generating of fault messages on basis of the retrieved information.


The TLS9060 is capable of monitoring DAMM Basestations using OM-commands via the API Gateway and translating events into SNMP traps. OM-events that trigger an alert are freely configurable in Excel files stored locally. Each file holds individual parameters for each measuring point, triggering levels and intervals at which they are to be queried.

The TLS9060 provides an integrated SNMP service which can make the data available to other network management systems, such as: Nagios, Icinga and The Dude. The data can also be provided via a TETRA RF network (requires the use of TOG9040 as an NMS).

Other possibilities for Input modules:

  • SNMP / SNMP Trap
  • Digital contacts via MODBUS (Phoenix Contact)
Output modules (Forwarding via the following output interfaces):

  • TETRA Callout
  • SNMP / SNMP Traps
  • Excel log
“SNMP Walk” is used to identify which type of data is provided by a network device via SNMP.

When using this function, the TLS9060 creates a sample file including all possible measuring points. This file can serve as a basis for a custom configuration to retrieve specific information only.

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