RMG9040 – bidirectional communication interface

RMG9040 provides an interface for bidirectional communication between your corporate e-mail server structure and standard text message service in the TETRA and DMR digital RF networks.

RMG9040 system sketch

RMG9040 converts e-mail contents to the following message formats (as per RF technology used):

  • SDS (text message with 140 signs, like SMS)
  • Callout (alert message providing sound and display profile, acknowledgement function including response)
  • Immediate message (SDS opens automatically)
  • RMS (status and text prompted in the home display)
  • GPS (link to Google Maps, requires internet access!)
  • GPS (image of the position on the map)
Individual subscribers can be contacted as well as groups. To forward the message the e-mails must provide a given syntax. The message syntax undergoes a check and will be rejected if it fails to meet the structure. The sender will receive a notification. Responses from the radio sets (as per service) will also be sent as an e-mail.

This service addresses medium-sized and large businesses using TETRA and DMR digital radio systems.
A client e-mail server is needed for connection, and notifications will be provided via the digital RF system. Here RMG9040 uses a separate radio set. Authorized users can send messages to the end devices directly from their e-mail client. They will then receive a response by e-mail depending on the service used. Potential fields of application:

  • Notification of delivery
  • Transportation jobs
  • Paging system
  • Service jobs
  • and many others
Technical specification:

  • System requirements Windows XP or Windows 7 (not supplied) operating systems
  • USB/serial port

Download product sheet here

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