Integrated Fixed Dispatching System

Siemens IFDS is a comprehensive, feature-rich, highly reliable and scalable C3 (command, control, communication) solution. It is also customizable for all industries with critical communication tasks, as for instance the public sector, transportation and industrial environments.

Siemens’ Integrated Fixed Dispatching System (IFDS) is a cutting-edge C3 (Command Control Communication) solution, which easily integrates all network technologies and combines them with a fully integrated Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) as well as user-friendly geo-fencing features. With IFDS, calls to different networks, such as TETRA, GSM-R, PBX, VHF, UHF or analog networks, can be easily initiated in one step. And in just one more step users can be put together in a conference call.

The solution offers comprehensive role management, and parallel roles, as those known in the GSM-R world, are transferred into the general Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) environment, allowing new user scenarios and opening up new opportunities! IFDS offers a modern multi-network Communication Command and Control platform. It utilises all major functionalities relevant for various business segments, such as role management and call and data control features, which are enhanced by resource tracking.

All these features as well as a wide range of network interfaces of multiple infrastructure providers, TETRA, GSM-R, E1/DSS1 and SIP-based PSTN/PBX networks, or analog legacy networks are integrated into a unified control system. Its comprehensive architecture supports tailor-made solutions that meet customer-specific needs. System deployments, starting from small single-client setups, are able to be extended to nationwide client/server configurations. This scalability allows smooth system extensions as the customer network grows.

The graphical user interface supports modern touch-screens, providing easy and intuitive access to a wide range of valuable features. IFDS is used as a logistics and operational control centre, making it possible to control and manage various resources in the field, such as staff, vehicles and vessels.

Atos Convergence Creators GmbH, headquartered in Vienna, provides its customers with turnkey solutions and services in the fields of communication networks, service and customer management, public safety and security, multimedia infotainment, as well as space technology.

At the end of FY 2015, Siemens Convergence Creators had about 1000 employees at 19 locations in eleven countries: Austria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates and USA. The company supplies more than 70 countries with communication and media products and solutions.

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