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DAMM works with a wide range of application experts to support your business. Our Application Partners offer alarm controls, dispatchers and more. Contact us if you have any questions. If you want to join the team of experts and become an Application Partner, please contact us today.
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Atos Convergence Creators GmbH
Integrated Fixed Dispatching System (IFDS)

Siemens IFDS is a comprehensive, feature-rich, highly reliable and scalable C3 (command, control, communication) solution. It is also customizable for all indus…

ATS Elektronik logo
ATS Elektronik GmbH
RMG9040 – TETRA service via e-mail, bidirectional communication interface

RMG9040, TETRA service via e-Mail, bidirectional communication interface, providing an interface for bidirectional communication between your corporate e-mail s…

ATS Elektronik logo
ATS Elektronik GmbH
TETRA Logbook Service, bidirectional communication interface

Generating SNMP messages on basis of DAMM TetraFlex OM-commands. Automatic querying of SNMP enabled network devices and additional digital inputs. Generating of…

Certified Train Radio System TRS2090

ErvoCom's Cab Radio TRS2090 is a digital train radio system (based on TETRA, Analog/DMR or LTE [MCX]) and sets a new standard in the modern railway communicatio…

Train Dispatcher TRADIS2167

ErvoCom's Train Dispatcher System covers the railway operators’ specific needs in terms of an efficient communication from the operational control center to the…

GMG Solutions
GMG TetraFlex® Message Player

TetraFlex® Message Player allows companies to play multiple wave files across the TETRA network, all activated from their TETRA terminals or Dispatch console.

GMG Solutions
GMG TetraFlex Radio Asset Manager (TF-RAM)

TetraFlex® RAM allows a fleet of TETRA Terminals to be used as shared resource by dynamically assigning the terminal to individual users. Thus saving money by l…

GMG Solutions
GMG TetraFlex® RoIP Gateway

GMG TetraFlex® Radio over IP Gateway allows analog systems to talk to TetraFlex® system as another TETRA Talkgroup.

Innovaphone AG logo
Innovaphone AG
Innovaphone PBX

The innovaphone PBX is an appealing system with its wide range of functionalities, hardware platforms, end devices and software solutions, which can be customis…

Kolibri systems B.V. logo
Kolibri systems B.V.

Many airports around the world, from the airports of Rotterdam and Brussels in Europe, to the King Khalid Int. Airport in Riyadh, rely on a Kolibri solution for…

TXRoIP Dispatch Solution

TXRoIP Dispatch Solution is a Consoles subsystem used for integration, management and control of radio communications using IP and wireless applications. T…

SAAB logo
Saab Danmark A/S
TactiCall Integrated Communication Solution

TactiCall connects different communication technologies regardless of radio band, frequency and hardware, eliminating the need for multiple user interfaces and…

Semco Maritime logo
Semco Maritime A/S, Denmark
SemPAM - Semco Maritime People & Asset Management

Establish a management system, which provides centralized as well as distributed support for multiple sites at the same time. Provide effective coordination bet…

Alarm Control System ACS

ZONITH ACS is a Windows-based software application that intelligently and automatically dispatches emergency and business critical alarms to TETRA radios - an e…

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