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INDUSTRY EXPERTS With DAMM you can offer fail-safe, reliable communication to a wide range of customers – even the possibility to use different technologies in one base station with the MultiTech Platform

Critical radio communications for operators

Let’s make this easy. Today, operating companies need digitized, fail-safe communication capabilities to attract customers and meet the terms of service level agreements.

DAMM communication systems address these challenges by offering better performance and greater availability to help your customers be successful. DAMM combines decades of leadership with cutting-edge digital radio and broadband communications to create a simple, yet reliable solution that is easy to deploy, scale and maintain.

Go hybrid to strengthen your market position

Customers often have multiple communication networks for different services. This means higher energy and maintenance expenses. Go hybrid to provide better services and gain new markets.

Stay agile with the DAMM MultiTech Platform that offers TEDS, TETRA, DMR and analog in one base station. That way you can dynamically modify the configuration of your network to meet changing customer requirements – without interrupting service.


DAMM offers three major ways to save: Plug-and-play design, lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs. DAMM TetraFlex® offers low CAPEX and OPEX by allowing you to better utilize people and resources while improving the reliability of service and levels of safety.

1. Plug-and-play design 

Plug-and-play means easy and seamless design and scaling of networks, which allows you to think big, start small and scale fast. Our flat decentralized IP architecture and intuitive software enable effortless, self-configuring site expansion. You can add or integrate all network components, including base stations, dispatchers, network management facilities and external gateways at any time, even while the system is in operation.

2. Lower operating costs

DAMM offers plug-and-play simplicity for easy setup and fast deployment. The compact design of the DAMM outdoor base station enables direct mounting on antenna masts, buildings and towers, reducing feeder loss and installation costs considerably. Both the indoor and outdoor base stations offer extremely low power consumption, and thanks to the IP65 encapsulation, the outdoor base station doesn't need any external air-conditioned housing. DAMM TetraFlex is developed with flexibility and user-friendliness at the core, saving substantially on training and project costs.

3. Lower maintenance costs

DAMM’s rugged base stations also keep maintenance costs down. Even for operations in extreme ‑50°C to +50°C temperatures, our base stations keep on working. Thanks to the low power consumption our base stations also generate minimal heat, and together with the IP65 encapsulation this eliminates the need for cooling fans that require maintenance. Furthermore, redundancy means the network will not fail, helping you to increase margins while enhancing worker safety.

Keeping customers connected at all times is key when you're running an operator business. DAMM solutions keep work crews connected with real-time communications and data 24/7 to improve operational efficiency. For example, the DAMM Dispatcher makes it easier than ever to make sure that the right employee is at the right place at the right time.

Our networks keep everyone in sync, whether it be people in the field or in the back office. With built-in applications and compatibility with third-party equipment you're never locked into a single supplier.

You can also serve different user-defined groups at different levels and, thanks to the simulcast function in the BS422, at a wide range of frequencies. It's easy to configure the system so that specific user groups utilize TETRA, while other non-critical users can utilize the DAMM TetraFlex PTT app for smartphones relying on LTE or WiFi for coverage, within one system.

Better yet, our base stations are small enough to fit into the back of a truck and lightweight enough to be mounted by one person. Not only does this speed installation, it empowers you to rapidly extend coverage – for instance for workers in the field – by deploying our plug-and-play IP-protected base stations wherever needed.

Four technologies truly core-connected in one powerful platform – without any gateways or bridges. The DAMM MultiTech Platform solution unites TEDS, TETRA, DMR and analog into one platform so that you can improve productivity with a future-proof investment.

Having only one hardware and one software simplifies tasks such as training. Having only one software also means having just one subscriber register for ALL technologies, saving you time and hassle.

To meet your customers’ toughest requirements, DAMM's portfolio of industrial-strength products has built-in redundancy – and no single point of failure. 

For customers, this translates into improved worker safety, compliance with communications-related regulations and greater productivity. It will make a lasting impact on their response, recovery and long-term resilience as well.

Your customers will always have access to vital data such as maps, SCADA data and apps. They can even send group messages to alert everyone with a need to know, including external parties such as ambulance or police services.

Products for Operators

Choose the right infrastructure, applications, gateways and radios for your communication system
TETRA Base Station – Outdoor

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TETRA Base Station – Indoor

BS418 | A high-capacity indoor TETRA base station transceiver and distributed controller with up to 16 carriers. High power option…

TETRA Portable Base Station RDT

Rapid deployable TETRA system with base station transceiver and distributed controller in a wheeled suitcase, ideal as communicati…

TETRA Field Mobile Base Station FMT

Mobile TETRA communication system. Vehicle-mountable system with base station transceiver and distributed controller. Ideal as a …

MultiTech Base Station – Outdoor

BS422 | MultiTech Communication System – Outdoor Mast-mountable outdoor base station featuring Multi-Technology, Multi-Frequency,…

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