Comparison of decentralized architecture vs centralized architecture

Ser abierto: la clave para el cambio digital


Upgrading installations and migrating to new platforms is not without challenges. It requires time and investment; companies may have to apply for new frequencies; current installations have existing wired systems, equipment and components, so there remains considerable uncertainty about the risk of deploying a digital communication system; and personnel may also need special training.

What's more, all this may require a big investment in equipment such as terminals, applications and infrastructure, not to mention derived costs such as cold rooms for central IT purposes.

But despite these challenges, upgrading should not be regarded as a bad thing. Like going from old mobile phones to smartphones, people quickly discover they can do so much more with their digital system and can communicate more efficiently.

So here's the key question: how will you prioritise your critical radio communications spend to better run, grow and transform your business?

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