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DAMM es un proveedor líder mundial de sistemas de infraestructura de radio digital escalables, flexibles y fáciles de usar para clientes industriales, comerciales y de seguridad pública. Con más de 35 años de experiencia en radio crítica y comunicación de banda ancha, asumimos el liderazgo a través de una ingeniería superior y un enfoque constante en las necesidades del cliente y una menor complejidad.
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At DAMM, everything we do is deeply rooted in two main values that shape both our products and our business: simplicity and flexibility. These values are channelled into advanced solutions that have a strong reputation of being easy to deploy and expand.

The same philosophy applies to our ability as a company to develop products that constantly push the boundaries of radio communication, as an important link in virtually any business process.

Our strength within innovation is based on our skill at reading the market, spotting trends and learning from our partners and customers. This knowledge is transferred to our final product that lifts user friendliness, scalability and cost efficiency into a league of its own. To this we add 'the secret ingredient' of being able to anticipate new demands by introducing innovative features that expand our customers' possibilities even further.

None of this would be possible without a highly professional and ambitious team, whose members are passionate about reducing complexity and helping our customers and partners achieve the maximum value of their investment.

We believe that close collaboration between the different departments – from R&D through production to sales – is vital for our success. That’s why we value our premises in Sønderborg, Denmark, which house all departments and functions. This way our employees can get an insight into the whole process from the design phase all the way through to sales and support. This means that everyone has a better understanding of our products and that development and problem-solving become a true team effort.

To meet the growing needs of the market in South East Asia, DAMM has had a strong local presence in Asia since 2015 through an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

DAMM Australia
Since October 2017, DAMM Australia has been based on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland AUSTRALIA, with permanent field sales and technical staff located throughout the region.
View announcement here, and read more here:

DAMM Latin America
Due to the large number of prestigious projects in the region, DAMM established representation in Latin America in January 2017 with an office in São Paolo, Brazil. Presence in the region was strengthened in May 2018 with the appointment of another representative in Argentina.

DAMM North America
In March 2017 DAMM® established representation in Atlanta, USA to serve the growing need for critical communication the US market. Read the announcement here.

DAMM was founded in 1981 by Hans Damm, who pioneered the radio communication industry by being the leading force behind the NMT mobile network. For more than 35 years he has been the mastermind behind innovative ideas such as DAMM TetraFlex® that take advantage of TETRA and push the boundaries of what is possible within digital radio technology.

OEM division
1994–2007    Rohde & Schwarz — ACCESSNET & ACCESSNET®-T
2001–2007    Motorola — CTS100, CTS200 & CTS300
2003–today   Thales — DIGICOM25, RATRAC & DigiM@x
System Sales Division
2005–today   DAMM TetraFlex System was launched in 2005, and today our products and solutions are sold worldwide through our Authorized System Partners

Quality Management System ISO 9001

DAMM holds the ISO 9001 certificate, and we strictly follow our quality management procedures to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders at any time.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

At DAMM we are very environmentally conscious in anything we do. We continuously set new targets in reducing our environmental impact. DAMM holds the ISO 14001 certificate.
Our Environmental Policy can be handed out on request.

Occupational health and Safety management System OHSAS 45001

At DAMM we care about the health and safety of our staff. To manage health and safety more effectively, and to always meet the highest standard, DAMM holds the OHSAS 45001 certificate. OHSAS 45001 is an international occupational health and safety management system.

Download our Management System Certificate here…

Management System Certification logo

DAMM is a member of the TETRA Critical Communications Association, TCCA.

TCCA represents organisations from around the world, bringing together all those with an interest in the provision of wireless communications in a mission critical or business critical environment. We believe in the principle of open and competitive markets worldwide through the use of common standards and harmonised spectrum.

TCCA is a Limited Company and is registered in the United Kingdom. It is governed by UK Law and, as such, is required to have two legal documents in place. The first is the Memorandum of Association which describes the purpose and principles of the Association.

The second legal document constitutes the Articles of Association. This is a set of legally binding rules and procedures that have been agreed by the Members and which the Board and Chief Executive follow when conducting the business of the Company. The documents are available to members here.

TCCA was originally established in December 1994 (known then as the TETRA MoU Association) to create a forum to act on behalf of all parties interested in TETRA technology, representing users, manufacturers, application providers, integrators, operators, test houses and telecom agencies.

TCCA continues to support and promote the ongoing development and use of TETRA technology and is driving industry synergy in the development of future mobile broadband capability for the users and providers of critical communications.

TCCA works closely with the organisations responsible for the development of standards relating to critical mobile communications. These include ETSI and 3GPP who develop and maintain standards for public mobile networks.


Download the TCCA membership certificate

To learn more about the TCCA, visit their website.


DAMM is a full member of the DMR Association.

The DMR-MOU Association was established in 2005 to support ETSI during the DMR standardisation process. Their membership is welcoming and open to all organisations or individuals where DMR is a consistent part of their business or for those working to support the professional use of the DMR standard in other ways. 

For more information, visit the DMR website.

DAMM North America
In March 2017 DAMM® established representation in Atlanta, USA, to serve the growing need for critical communication in the US market. Read more here:

DAMM Australia
Since October 2017, DAMM Australia has been based on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland AUSTRALIA, with permanent field sales and technical staff located throughout the region. Read more here:


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