DAMM frequency sharing

DAMM frequency sharing

Frequency sharing with the DAMM MultiTech Base Station BS422 lets you build coverage in a completely new way: Simple, cost efficient and reliable.

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Key benefits

Improve spectrum efficiency

Frequency sharing allows adjacent BS422s to use the same frequencies. This is a significant benefit in low density networks and gives the possibility to cover for example a railway line with just two frequency pairs.

Improve spectrum efficiency
Simplify repeater systems

Simplify repeater systems

With frequency sharing an indoor repeater system can be built without optical fibres. The same hardware can be used as base station and repeater unit, increasing redundancy and simplifying the network architecture by having one unified network management system and reduced spare part stock.

Obtain base station geo-redundancy

With the BS422 network availability can be brought to a new level. Two BS422s located at two sites can act as one fully redundant base station, sharing the same frequencies. This will add redundancy not only to the base station, but also to the whole antenna system.

Obtain base station geo-redundancy

Enhanced frequency efficiency of TETRA

With its advanced voice and data features and high level of terminal interoperability, TETRA is often the preferred technology for radio communication across a wide range of industries. Having four channels on each frequency makes it the preferred choice for mid to high user density networks.

Using frequency sharing you can now make TETRA as frequency efficient as other technologies in low density networks. This means that you take advantage of all TETRA features without giving up on frequency efficiency, quality of coverage or network resilience.

Optimising tunnel coverage using network sharing

Tunnel coverage can be tricky to achieve and typically involves installing expensive optical fibres, operating two separate management systems and stocking spare parts for multiple types of hardware. However, there is a smarter way using DAMM frequency sharing.

Reusing frequencies along a railway line

To cover a railway line, you typically need five frequency pairs even though you only have few users in the network. This means you are wasting expensive frequency licenses. However, with a DAMM solution, these can be cut down to two.


Don't miss our presentation

Don't miss our presentation

Learn more about the DAMM frequency sharing with the DAMM MultiTech Outdoor Base Station BS422 in our upcoming presentation at the Comms Connect Virtual Conference, which will be followed by a live Q&A.

Thursday 26 November 10:35am (AEDT)

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