Training, webinars and video tutorials

We know that choosing and purchasing a radio communication system is one thing – getting people trained in it is another.

To assist you in this process, we deliver regular trainings in our DAMM TetraFlex® system for partners and end users alike. Courses last from one to five days and can take place on customer premises or at DAMM's headquarters. Information about training and additional webinars and online video tutorials is available for partners on our Extranet.

End-user training

Our end-user training consists of a four-day workshop, which provides participants with an in-depth knowledge of the DAMM TetraFlex System and its applications – the hardware and software. Upon completion participants will be able to operate and maintain all functionalities of the DAMM TetraFlex system and be capable of training and advising internal maintenance staff in their company in everyday use of the system.

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