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11 July 2011

Monument Chemical goes digital with TetraFlex®

DAMM's TetraFlex® System was chosen by Monument Chemical for their migration from analog to digital radio communication. The project was secured through DAMM's partner in Netherland and Belgium, Flash Services.

Monument Chemical of Antwerp provides toll processing for major chemical companies in and outside the Port of Antwerp. A vast range of chemicals are processed and produced and with 90 staff and around 30 regular contractors, Monument Chemical has an extensive portfolio. The process units on the Kallo site are used for distillation, reaction, isomerisation and hydrolysis of various chemical products that have applications in coatings and solvents, plastics, agrochemicals, oil and gas.

Operations Leader Johan Stevens and EH&S Delivery Leader Peter Jacobs says:

"We value that all our staff - from maintenance, logistics, operating and tank cleaning - are able to communicate on the same network and with their own teams. In case of an emergency, it is vital that contact can be taken to all staff at the same time. We opted for TetraFlex® because of its traffic capacity."

"The high featured TetraFlex® solution adapts very well to the rental business concept provided by Flash services, since the set-up and implementation of a new TETRA network can be done very fast and simple. The user-friendliness of the TetraFlex® system further ensures a very hassle free and short training and acceptance-period for user organisations at our customers," Mr. Edu Mets, Product Manager at Flash Services adds.

Flash Services has worked with DAMMs TetraFlex® since 2006 and is a leading provider of wireless solutions within private, commercial and petro-chemical markets in the Netherlands.

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Issued by Bettina L. Johannsen,
Marketing Manager
Damm Cellular Systems
Tel. +45 74423500
E-mail: blj@damm.dk

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