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28 October 2011

Largest private operator network in North Germany puts trust in TetraFlex®

The TetraFlex® professional radio infrastructure system from DAMM provides a consistent, transparent and controlled communications platform. After full evaluation of the radio network in terms of overall requirements and operating conditions, AMV, back in 2006 made the decision to deploy the TetraFlex® infrastructure in partnership with ATS Elektronik GmbH.

In addition to its excellent price-performance ratio, the decisive factors in choosing the TetraFlex® system were its ease of installation, extensive scalability for growing requirements, and easy integration into existing customer systems, such as telephone and building management systems.

For AMV Funktechnik GmbH, which bears responsibility in this project as a public network operator, it was particularly important that the "multi organizational levels" of the system was able to guarantee the clear separation of different users on the network. Network subscribers have also made extensive use of the additional data services available. Users include, for example, municipal utilities that use this feature to securely transfer data for control and monitoring purposes.

After launching the system in 2006, the radio network was quickly expanded to include additional radio sites and now covers a large area of northern Germany, including the regions of Bremen, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Hannover. Today, AMV's TetraFlex® digital radio network is one of the largest public and civil Tetra systems in Germany. The total system now offers a multi-site linked infrastructure that includes a current total of 15 radio sites. Plans for the further expansion of the network via additional sites are already nearing completion. At present, nearly 3,500 participants from different industries use AMV's TetraFlex® network. To meet the needs of all the system's users, the network currently supports around 900 logical voice channels (digital groups).

Every day, the TetraFlex® network carries around 100.000 conversations and 50,000 data transfers from users in all sorts of areas. Depending on load, AMV is able to ensure users a scalable and reliable service thanks to the flexibility of the IP-based TetraFlex® system.

AMV mainly provides users with the radio terminals MTP and MTM from Motorola. TETRA applications in the areas of telemetry and control station equipment are provided by cooperation partner and manufacturer ATS Elektronik GmbH.

A large number of commercial customers as well as users from the industrial power sector, port logistics, steel production, gas production and processing, and major chemical industry customers have trusted this reliable DAMM TetraFlex® digital wireless network for years, delivered in partnership with AMV Funktechnik Handels GmbH and ATS Elektronik GmbH.

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