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07 December 2010

DAMM to strengthen its market presence in the Middle-East

DAMM strengthens its market presence in the Middle-East by appointing the UAE based Waves Group FZE as its System Partner.

Meeting the increasing demand for scalable, flexible and cost effective TETRA solutions in the Middle East, Damm Cellular Systems earlier this year took the decision to appoint the UAE based Waves Group FZE as its System Partner.

Waves Group FZE is a professional PMR company specialized in communications handling with a prime focus on consultancy, supply and support services based on TETRA Platforms. With a full service approach for total wireless technologies customers can benefit from a single point of contact where a range of solutions and services are offered starting from management of existing projects till development and creation of new concepts or total turnkey solutions.   

"It is indeed an honour for us to be recognized by Damm and to conclude on this System Partner agreement as a DAMM partner in the region. With this agreement, Waves can now offer their customers complete TETRA solutions with proven technology based on DAMM infrastructure and Sepura terminals" said James T. Samuel, Managing Director, Waves Group.

Area Manager Khaled A. Karim states: "We have seen an increasing demand for the TetraFlex® product range for medium sized and bigger projects in especially the Gulf region, where TETRA today is a widely adapted technology. With the unique qualities in TetraFlex® ranging from the pure IP based architecture, enhanced scalability and easy network management till the robustness and high reliability in harsh environments, TetraFlex® is extremely well-positioned for vital industries in the region ranging from Oil & Gas, Industrial plants, Transportation, Utilities and Commercial entities. With a stronger presence in the region, deeper commitment and a long term strategy we are certain that end-users will be fully satisfied with the service, support and future co-operation offered by Waves Group FZE ".

Waves Group FZE has since the first engagement with Damm Cellular Systems A/S successfully secured several projects in the region lately, hereunder two projects in UAE.

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