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12 February 2016

DAMM terminates agreement with Sepura

Damm Cellular Systems has of February 12th 2016 terminated the exclusive agreement for the marketing and sales of DAMM products in USA and Canada. DAMM will pursue new business opportunities in this region, and establish local presence through Authorized System Partners working with Professional Radio Communication.

The termination is the natural result of the business consolidations and strategic alliances that have been taking place within critical communication.

Kjeld Pharao, CEO  at DAMM states: “We see a great business potential for mission-critical as well as business critical communication in the US and Canada. There is a growing range of businesses which need secure and reliable communication. With the new DAMM platform covering TETRA, TEDS as well as DMR in one system, we make unified critical communication easy for the benefit of Partners as well as Customers”.

About Damm Cellular Systems

DAMM is a world leading provider of rugged, reliable and easily scalable TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) voice and data communications. As a key player for more than 30 years within professional radio communication, DAMM is taking the lead through superior engineering and a constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity. DAMM offers solutions across technologies, including TETRA, TEDS and DMR. To find out more about Damm Cellular Systems or any aspect of our solutions or services, visit www.damm.dk

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