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  • 2009
30 July 2009

DAMM’s TetraFlex® system enters the IOP certification

Damm Cellular Systems has a long tradition of developing TETRA infrastructure for compatibility with all TETRA terminal brands. DAMM is performing a very comprehensive compatibility test on new mobile station versions, and maintains a constantly updated list of compatibility tests for the most reputable terminal brands.

Now DAMM would like to emphasize further on the commitment towards TETRA as an open standard by entering into the official TETRA Interoperability Certification process by signing the framework agreement with ISCOM.

ISCOM is the official Certification Body appointed by the TETRA Association Technical Forum to supervise the testing and issue certificates for tested products.

The purpose of IOP testing is to verify that tested products comply with the functional requirements specified in the TETRA Interoperability Profile (TIP) and hereby maintaining TETRA as an open standard with full terminal and system interoperability between all vendors.

"As we maintain one of the most extensive and up to date compatibility test programs internally at Damm Cellular Systems, we have already passed the entry test and expect a fast and smooth certification process for our TetraFlex® System" states Technical Support Manager Jørgen Brodersen.

DAMM will also after the IOP Certification continuously keep an updated list of the extensive internal compatibility tests for new terminal versions.

For further information, please contact Technical Support Manager Jørgen Brodersen jb@damm.dk

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