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13 May 2013

DAMM finalizes IOP test with all major terminal providers

DAMM announces the completion of the latest Interoperability (IOP) test between the latest DAMM TetraFlex infrastructure software and all major TETRA terminal providers. The Multi Test Interoperability sessions were performed in the period from 4th of February to 19th of April under the supervision of ISCOM, the TCCA appointed independent certification authority.

The by TCCA defined IOP certification testing process is carried out in a multi-vendor environment and tests the interaction between products from different manufacturers. The full IOP test consist of about 200 single tests on each radio equipment to ensure that all aspects of the software has been tested.

With the completed Interoperability test endusers can rest assured that DAMM's TetraFlex infrastructure system can operate perfectly, independently which terminals are preferred for the daily operation.

The official certification documents will soon be available from the TCCA homepage.

The TETRA Association developed the Interoperability Certification process in order to ensure users and equipment suppliers would benefit from a truly open multivendor market for TETRA systems and equipment. Users can be confident that products awarded an IOP certificate have been rigorously tested and the functions listed in the certificate fully meet the TETRA standard. This allows users who select equipment from a number of suppliers to reduce the amount of system integration and testing that they need to undertake.

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