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13 June 2012

DAMM establishes partnership in the United States

The US market offers great opportunities for the Tetra industry. With the guaranteed interoperability between products from at large number of different manufacturers an unprecedented position is now offered to professional users of mission critical wireless digital voice and data communication. The Freedom-of-Choice for both terminals and infrastructure allows for tailoring the best technical solution to the right cost. This fact has been and will remain a key to the success of the Tetra standard world-wide and is also driving force on the North American market that is developing into one of the fastest growing markets for Tetra.

"We have at DAMM experienced a significant growth in interest from the US-market in our Tetra-products. Offering our TetraFlex®-program as the most secure and flexible TETRA solution supporting the interoperability with terminals from any supplier is without any doubt a key to our worldwide success and we now see the same demand expressed from important groups of customers in the US such as the Utility and Transportation sectors." Louise Falser-Hansen, Area Manager North America, DAMM, states.

Tetra is today a mature digital technology that has developed into a de-facto standard for very many segments. Each segment has individual requirements but all heavily relying on reliable and cost-effective communication solutions supporting their specific business process. DAMM has together with a worldwide network of partners supported this development and is today well established in all major markets.

"Despite having been introduced in the US several years ago the TETRA technology is for some end users still a new alternative. It is for DAMM therefore in the US as in other markets a key to success to team up with local LMR suppliers to provide for the local End Users. We always work with Partners that are well established in the business and which offers the competence to support locally a TetraFlex® solution incl. installation and full technical support. Recently having been chosen by Nielson Communication as their exclusive partner on Tetra Infrastructure is for us very encouraging as Nielson Communication has been one of the US pioneers with TETRA, today holding an unparalleled overview and an in-depth understanding of both technical and regulatory aspects concerning TETRA in the US" Louise Falster-Hansen concludes.  

"Having partnered with DAMM was for us the obvious choice as it has always been our strategy to secure access to technology that serves our end users in the very best way. With DAMM we can now offer to customers looking for state-of-the-art digital communication technology at a competitive price the most reliable, flexible and scalable solution. We are very pleased now being able to position our self even more strongly in the market for professional communication." Rick Nielson, Managing director of Nielson Communication adds.

The partnership between DAMM and Nielson Communication has been signed and extensive education and training has been undertaking enabling the organization at Nielson to service directly their Tetra customers.

About Nielson Communications Inc.:

Nielson Communications Inc. has been in the wireless communication business since 1974. The company provides RF engineering, system design, system implementation and system service to a wide range of the most demanding LMR customers across the US.

Public Safety communications, 911 center implementation and design as well as Utilities Communication Solutions are focus business areas and represents segments where Nielson already now have a strong foothold and substantial reference projects.

Based out of WI Nielson Communications Inc. currently has 3 locations in Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay and Appleton, Wisconsin.  Nielson Communications also owns and operates a 12 site analog trunked radio network throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

Nielson Communications Inc. has been working with TETRA since early 2009 taking part in proving the TETRA technology for the US market. Today, Nielson Communications Inc. has a strong foundation of knowledge within TETRA. Choosing DAMM as a strategic partner for the US market enables Nielson Communications Inc. to meet the growing demand for flexible and scalable TETRA solutions in various segments throughout the US.   

About DAMM

DAMM is a world leading provider of scalable, flexible, user friendly and cost effective TETRA infrastructure products to industrial, commercial and public safety customers.
Being a key player for more than 30 years within professional radio communication DAMM is taking the lead in TETRA technology through superior engineering and constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity.
DAMM solutions are available worldwide through an exclusive network of partners.

To learn more about DAMM and its products, please visit www.damm.dk

For further information please contact
Louise Falster-Hansen, Area Manager, Damm Cellular Systems, lfh@damm.dk
Rick Nielson, President, Nielson Communications, rnielson@bayelectronicsinc.com

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