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14 June 2012

DAMM chosen for region-wide public safety communication network in Italy

DAMM Cellular System has, in corporation with the Italian company GEG Telecomunicazioni, been chosen to supply the Tetra Communication infrastructure covering the entire Province of Lombardy. The network is specified for the use of the Public Safety Services in the region including Milan, the regional capital. The network is contracted to include more than 100 base stations and a total of more than 60 Command and Control Centers.

The Region of Lombardy is the most populated area in Italy and the region which includes the most provinces to support with Mission Critical Communication. Further, it is one of the most densely populated areas in Italy with a population of more than 1.3 million in the city of Milan. Based on these conditions openness towards a new concept for the establishing of the most reliable and cost effective network was essential.

"Based on many years of experience with the TetraFlex® concept of DAMM we never doubted that we could tailor a perfect solution that offers more than specified by the customer. A real future proof solution has been designed and offered in a way that truly offers the best value for money when considering the entire lifecycle of the system" Mr. Walter Gotti, President of GEG Telecomunicazioni states.

The contracted solution utilizes the full openness of TetraFlex® covering integration with legacy systems and interfacing to public telephone networks and to customized control room equipment including dispatchers and recording solutions. The customer is further guaranteed the most scalable Tetra Network available today. The TetraFlex® program offers with the availability of base stations for both indoor and outdoor mounting and the unique fully distributed IP-architecture expansion of both network capacity and coverage in the most straight forward way in any environment. It is essential that the customer with TetraFlex® does not encounter any unpleasant surprises in terms of system limitations forcing for instance an expensive change to another product program as the network grows.

"We have been very pleased with the corporation for this project. Experiencing that another large organization within Public Safety appreciates and decides for the unique advantages of our TetraFlex® program is very encouraging. It clearly shows that a demand for a new and different approach has now also formed in the Public Safety market" Mr. Per Skovsund, Director of Systems Business at DAMM, comments.

Deciding for TetraFlex® for a Public Safety Network of Lombardy clearly shows the general development in the market. The value of full interoperability between equipment from different vendors securing the free choice for all parts of the project is today a key-factor when contracting large Mission Critical Communication systems.

The network is currently being installed in Milan and will be supplied over the coming four months.

For further information please contact Sales@damm.dk

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