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30 April 2012

DAMM at TETRA World Congress 2012

TWC 2012 Preview:
TETRA out of the box

DAMM's rapid deployable TETRA system offers an instant out-of-the-box communications solution.

At the TETRA World Congress in Dubai from 14-17 May 2012, DAMM will be demonstrating just how much power you can pack into one tough little wheeled suitcase. At the innovative "DAMM Experience Point" on our stand E301, we will be showing how quickly an emergency communications network can be up and running.

From road accidents to natural disasters or deployment in rural areas, our new mobile Rapid Deployable TetraFlex (RDT) system has literally thousands of potentially life-saving applications.

Completely self-contained and preconfigured, RDT enables you to set up a rock-solid communications network almost instantly. Wherever the emergency occurs or whatever the need might be and whether or not an existing communications infrastructure is available.

A few minutes of your time will be more than enough to see how easy it is to bring order, control and crystal-clear communications to even the most difficult situation, a few minutes that might just safe someone's life.

Demonstrations start at:

15th of May: 16.00
16th of May: 11.00 and 16.00
17th of May: 11.00

Visitors to DAMM's stand will also be able to personally experience the company's full range of solutions for creating ruggedized, reliable and highly cost-effective TETRA systems. These include the company's compact outdoor base stations ideally suited for mobile solutions or installation direct in harsh environments, the indoor base station and the integrated software applications, such as dispatcher, voice and data logging or network management.

We hope to see you there!

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