• 2018
05 December 2018

DAMM has appointed Jens Thostrup new CEO

DAMM Cellular Systems has appointed Jens Thostrup as new CEO starting January 2019. Jens has a proven track record in senior management roles, most recently from Airbus in France where he was responsible for business development and channel management. He has over 20 years of experience within critical radio communication, primarily within the PMR/LMR business.

“Jens’ experience from companies such as Airbus and Sepura make him the ideal candidate for DAMM. Not only does he have solid industry knowledge, he also has many years of valuable senior management experience. We are confident that he will be a major asset to DAMM as the company continues to build its global presence. We look very much forward to getting Jens on board to ‘set the sails’ for navigating DAMM into the future,” says Hans Christian Jensen, Chairman of the Board.

Jens states: ”I look forward to working with DAMM, who I have been following closely over the past 15 years. I will take great pride in contributing to the company’s continued growth and success worldwide”.

Hans Damm will remain closely involved with the company on a daily basis as CTO, leading DAMM’s R&D department.

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