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19 January 2012

Billund International Airport counts on DAMM’s TetraFlex® system

A worn out existing Land Mobile Radio system led to an immediate request for a new TETRA communication system for Billund airport. Covering 400 acres in the south-west of Denmark and handling more than 2,6 mio. passengers a year for both domestic and international travelling makes Billund a critical traffic node for travelers as well as cargo.

The delivery time had to be short, and the system had to take over all communication with full functionality from day 1 without further testing and without interrupting any operations.

Soon, a single site redundant 2 carrier TetraFlex® system was delivered and installed handling the mission critical communication to approximately 200 subscribers across the airport operation. The system is primarily used for Luggage handling, De-icing services and Catering personnel, but also ground personnel, security officers and check-in services stay connected via TetraFlex®. With just 2 carriers TetraFlex® offers full coverage both indoor and outdoor as well as extended coverage beyond what was required for the outdoor area.

Being a cost effective solution as well as a system easy to handle, maintain and operate was the key reasons for choosing TetraFlex® for this project. Also, due to the short implementation phase, the system needed to be intuitive to use. Build on a Windows platform, TetraFlex® fully meets this need.

Completely satisfied with the system, Billund airport is now working towards connecting TetraFlex® to other existing communication systems thereby enabling communication across functionalities and technology.

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