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20 May 2015

Airbus and DAMM enter into alliance | DAMM News

Damm Cellular Systems is pleased to announce the alliance with Airbus Defence and Space, one of the leading providers of TETRA radio terminals.

Extending the market reach for both parties, and strengthening the position of DAMM as a world-leading provider of solutions for critical radio and broadband communication, DAMM sees this alliance as the ideal match supporting the critical communications market.

Kjeld Pharao, CEO at DAMM states: “With this alliance we make it easy for our System Partners worldwide to provide a full solution with DAMM infrastructure and Airbus terminals. This one-stop-shop for System Partners will equally give the end-user quick and easy access to the hands-on experience and know-how of the Partner, as well as innovations from two leading edge communication providers.”

Built on the legacy of DAMM as a leading TETRA supplier, this alliance will lead the way to help more industries and end-users worldwide, access the most intelligent and scalable radio communication system available.

Jens Thostrup, Head of PMR Terminals Business of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space, said: “Our partnership will provide us with plenty of new opportunities and it will increase our footprint of our full-scale Tetra terminals portfolio to the DAMM markets and customers”.

About Damm Cellular Systems
DAMM is a world leading provider of rugged, reliable and easily scalable TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) voice and data communications. As a key player for more than 30 years within professional radio communication, DAMM is taking the lead in TETRA technology through superior engineering and a constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity.

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