DAMM MultiTech Platform with system drawing
Mission-critical communication systems Think big, start small and scale fast
Industry experts in Airport Expect exceptional ROI from your Airport communication system
TETRA Base Station – Outdoor Mast-mountable and compact IP65-encapsulated TETRA system

Radio Communication Systems

FLEXIBLE means easy integration with open API in a decentralized network


The intelligent 100% IP-based technology provides full architectural network flexibility with all network components connected in a single state-of-the-art infrastructure – without the need for a central switch

SCALABLE means that you can think big, start small and scale fast


DAMM TetraFlex® systems are fully scalable, with no limitations. Our plug-and-play principle is as effective in expanding network capacity to include more users as it is in extending the reach of the network itself

FUTURE-PROOF means seamless integration – no gateways or bridges


Future-proof your communication system. The core-connected DAMM MultiTech Platform offers TEDS, TETRA, DMR and Analog in one system as well as seamless integration for smartphones utilizing WiFi or LTE

COST-EFFECTIVE means low TCO via scalable CAPEX and OPEX savings


DAMM mission-critical solutions are field-proven to achieve low TCO via scalable CAPEX and lifetime OPEX savings by virtue of a.o. the extremely low power consumption of both indoor and outdoor base stations

industry experts in

Getting the most out of your airport operations today is about more than improving performance. We deliver easy ways to use our airport communication system — so everyone can work smarter

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Small product photo of the BS421 DAMM TETRA base station outdoor
TETRA Base Station – Outdoor

BS421 | Mast-mountable and compact IP65-encapsulated TETRA communication system. A powerful base station transceiver and distribut…

Screenshot of the DAMM Dispatcher solutions for mission critical communication
Applications and gateways
Dispatch solutions

The DAMM dispatch solution provides command, control and monitoring of radio communications, including features for increased effi…

Guard at Hotel resort using the DAMM push-to-talk application
Apps and radios
DAMM TetraFlex PTT app

DAMM TetraFlex PTT is a smartphone application for secure business-critical communication across TETRA, DMR and Analog technologie…

Small illustration of the DAMM system design
Systems and solutions
System design

DAMM's mission-critical communication systems design includes infrastructure, applications, gateways and radios. The easy scalabil…

Small product photo of the BS418 DAMM TETRA indoor base station
TETRA Base Station – Indoor

BS418 | A high-capacity indoor TETRA base station transceiver and distributed controller with up to 16 carriers. High power option…

Small product photo of the open DAMM Portable Base Station RDT
Portable Base Station RDT

Rapid deployable TETRA system with base station transceiver and distributed controller in a wheeled suitcase, ideal as communicati…

Small product photo of the DAMM Field Mobile Base Station FMT - ideal as military communication system
Field Mobile Base Station FMT

Mobile TETRA communication system. Vehicle-mountable system with base station transceiver and distributed controller. Ideal as a m…

Small product photo of the BS422 DAMM MultiTech Communication System – Outdoor
MultiTech Base Station – Outdoor

BS422 | MultiTech Communication System – Outdoor Mast-mountable outdoor base station featuring Multi-Technology, Multi-Frequency,…

Screenshot of the DAMM Network management solution
Applications and gateways
Network Management solutions

DAMM Network Management solution is included free of charge and provides a user-friendly and highly flexible tool for management, …

Screenshot of the DAMM voice and data log system
Applications and gateways
Voice and Data Log System

DAMM Voice and Data Log System instantly provides comprehensive and accurate voice and data recording facilities as well as a wide…

Applications and gateways
Group Bridge

The DAMM TetraFlex® Group Bridge enables you to perform group calls between any independent TETRA or analog networks, creating val…

Apps and radios

DAMM works with leading radio providers to deliver a solution that fulfils your requirements.

Illustration of how DAMM enhances TETRA communications coverage with the Dynamic Subscriber Assignment (DSA)
Systems and solutions
Dynamic Subscriber Assignment

Dynamic Subscriber Assignment is an intelligent feature that facilitates quick and easy system setups or migration of terminals fr…

DAMM Core-connected MultiTech Platform

Experience seamless integration with the core connected MultiTech Platform

Multi-Technology outdoor base station featuring four technologies in one box: TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS, Analog

Multi-Frequency extending coverage by supporting VHF and UHF mode in all technologies

Multi-Carrier providing a flexible, cost-efficient solution by enabling up to four carriers in one box, and even combining multiple technologies in one box

Simulcast available for DMR and Analog, and now also offers repeater functionality

DAMM MultiTech Platform
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DAMM appoints Jens Thostrup new CEO
05 December 2018
DAMM has appointed Jens Thostrup new CEO

DAMM Cellular Systems has appointed Jens Thostrup as new CEO starting January 2019. Jens has a proven track record in senior management roles and has over 20 years of experience within critical radio communication.

IWCE logo
04 March 2019
IWCE 2019

Visit DAMM Inc. at IWCE 2019 booth 812 to learn why DAMM's TetraFlex solutions have been chosen for a wide range of projects worldwide. Please contact Chris Ramsden, CEO, sales@dammcellular.com to book a meeting at the exhibition

ETH Zurich
09 November 2018
New strategic partnership between DAMM and ErvoCom gets off to a successful start

ErvoCom has chosen a DAMM TetraFlex infrastructure as part of their security communication solution to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich).

DAMM and Siemens complete testing of ETCS over Tetra packet data
28 August 2018
SIEMENS and DAMM complete testing of ETCS over Tetra Packet Data to provide safe, secure and reliable communications

SIEMENS and DAMM complete testing of ETCS over Tetra Packet Data to provide safe, secure and reliable communications

DAMM wins Maldives public safety network
16 May 2018
DAMM wins Maldives nation-wide public safety network

DAMM secures a mission-critical communication system for the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF). The TETRA network will cover close to 1200 islands, grouped in 26 atols and will be used for for mission-critical tasks such as security and rescue operations.

DAMM secures Aurizon and continues success in rail Australia
18 October 2017
DAMM secures Aurizon, Australia and continues success in rail

DAMM has successfully been chosen to replace Aurizon’s aging analog rail system with a DAMM TetraFlex® network. The network will use digital TETRA radio technology with 79 DAMM TetraFlex sites to cover 2,670 kilometers of rail network that link 50 coal mines and four major ports.

DAMM and Alcon join forces to secure GRU Airport in São Paulo Brazil
14 June 2017
DAMM and Alcon join forces to secure GRU Airport in São Paulo, Brazil

DAMM’s communication solution for São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil secures passenger safety and improves efficiency.

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